Home & Auto Upholstery Cleaning

Taking care of upholstery can be a chore, whether it's furniture or drapery in your home or an upholstered item in your car. You can do regular surface cleanings yourself, but to get a deep clean, it's best to leave it to the professionals. Among its many services, Valley Floor Care offers home and auto upholstery cleaning. We are a family owned and operated company that serves customers in Lewiston, ID; Clarkston, WA; Moscow, ID; and Pullman, WA. If you hire us for home and auto upholstery cleaning, you can count on professional work and excellent customer service.

Valley Floor Care's upholstery cleaning service offers you several benefits. A professional cleaning will help to maintain your upholstery, which extends its life and protects your investment. A thorough cleaning also helps to remove harmful substances from your upholstery, such as allergens and mold. And, of course, hiring us to do the work saves you energy and time that you can use on some other activity.

At Valley Floor Care, we offer professional services, and our cleaning technicians are trained and experienced. We also take safety very seriously, which is why we use only the safest and most superior cleaning products and equipment.

To ensure your home and auto upholstery continues to look like new, hire the experts at Valley Floor Care to do professional cleaning. Our family owned and operated business strives to offer excellent service to all of our customers in Lewiston, ID; Clarkston, WA; Moscow, ID; and Pullman, WA.

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