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Valley Floor Care Professionals

High-quality professional cleaning services aren't always easy to find. When you need five-star cleaning service, Valley Floor Care is on hand to accommodate you perfectly. People associate us with amazing cleaning results. They also associate us with amazing customer service practices.

We present our customers with plentiful options in top-notch cleaning services. We handle carpet cleaning, automotive upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning, tile cleaning, 24-7 urgent water extraction, pet odor extraction and, finally, furniture cleaning. If you're searching for professionals who can aid you with everything from upholstery cleaning to car interior cleaning, you can count on us.

Valley Floor Care's technicians are seasoned cleaning experts. They depend on cleaning methods that are advanced, thorough and meticulous. That's the reason that our customers can trust us with complete confidence.

Our company's cleaning tools and formulas are better than the rest. Our equipment is the portrait of safe. Our cleaning solutions are all about gentleness as well. If you want to work with cleaning technicians who put your comfort first, we're the company for you. We clean the interiors of cars using the mildest products around. We clean furniture items using products that are just as mild and effective.

If you're searching for A+ cleaning work, Valley Floor Care can come to your aid. Call our company as soon as you get the chance to request further details. Schedule an appointment with us today. We're a company that believes in customer service that's caring, patient and thoughtful. We believe in full customer satisfaction.

All Chemicals are Green and Safe for Children, Pets and the Environment.

We use Rotovac carpet restoration systems. Restoring your carpet to like new condition.

Cleaning Services Offered

$99 - 2 Room*
Package includes:

Pre-Treatment, not just in some high traffic areas, but the entire room.
Agitation of professional cleaning chemicals deep into carpet fibers.
Powerful Truck mounted steam cleaning.
Post Treatment to rinse and neutralize any remaining chemicals.
Post carpet rake to restore carpet fibers to like new condition.
Stairs and additional rooms are $35 per set/room.
*room sizes over 250 sq.ft. will be additional cost.

Tile and Hard Surface Floor
Cleaning $1 per sq.ft.*
Services include:

Pre-treatment with powerful professional hard surface cleaner.
Agitation with rotary machine.
Post treatment to completely rinse and neutralize flooring.

No pre-vacuuming required. We are licensed and insured. All technicians are trained and certified through IICRC.

*$100 minimum

Upholstery Services
Home furnishings starting at $25*
Services Include:

Pre-treatment with fine fabric cleaners.
Vacuum, Brush to agitate and loosen dirt.
Steam cleaning.
Post-treatment to rinse, neutralize and restore fibers.
*synthetic fabric only

Additional Services:
Pet stain and odor removal options.
Specialized in cigarette and marijuana smoke odor removal.
Auto and RV carpet and upholstery cleaning services available.
Commercial carpet and hard surface cleaning quotes upon request.
Stainmaster treatment offered.
Drying fans to speed drying time.

Reviews from Our Clients:

"I highly recommend Valley Floor Care, they do an amazing job! We have had two new puppies this year and even though we use a handheld streamer to clean up accidents, there were still lots of stains we didn't even notice until they were removed by valley. Our light grey carpet looked white when they were done and it hardly took at time at all. Also, with some carpet cleaners, the pet small comes back really strong later, but not with valley, it was amazing and so clean smelling! Thanks valley!"

~ Corrin Johnson

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my carpets and upholstery!! Jamie and his crew are so sweet and knowledgeable about what they do. Defiantly will have them back!"

~ Rachel T.

"They did an excellent job cleaning our carpets this Spring. Impressed with their equipment and the results. Will definitely have back again."

~ Clint J.

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